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disembodied dessert cart

A classic illusion served up table-side!

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"Cake, pie, or head cheese?"

After enjoying a delicious meal, or any time during the evening, the performer excuses himself and a beautiful wooden dessert cart brimming with pastries and assorted fruits is wheeled in. "The pièce de résistance...," states the server, " our lovely cheese platter." The server or a guest lifts the cover off of the platter to reveal not an assortment of bries, stiltons and gruyeres but the performer's live talking head. "Oh, did we forget to mention that it was a head-cheese platter!?!"

The Disembodied Dessert Cart utilizes a time-honored illusion principle and is extremely deceptive when viewed even at close range. Because the Cart is simple to perform, another guest or staff member can even act as the talking head. The performer does not have to be a master illusionist or magician, if you can sit and talk you can preform this illusion.

The ease of performance and the high level of deception make this illusion perfect for countless venues and situations.

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