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Kerry Pollock's dematerialization Chamber

A modern twist on the classic Pepper's Ghost Illusion

Kerry Pollock has added some clever new additions to Jim Steinmeyer's method for the classic "Pepper's Ghost" to create a unique mind-boggling illusion. The problem with previous versions of the effect, was that it had only one way in and one way out, which was from the back, because the method relied on the use of stationary glass rendering the effect unexaminable. Kerry has solved these problem and created an illusion that is entered from the front and is completely examinable both before and after the dematerialization. The combination of front-side entry and being able to allow spectators to examine the chamber make Kerry Pollock's Dematerialization Chamber a truly unique illusion.

The illusion sequence is as follows:

Check out the video above. And yes, it looks that great in person!

The performer can suddenly re-appear standing behind their guests immediately after vanishing. Imagine their surprise when tapped on the shoulder by the very person that vanished right before their eyes seconds earlier! The Dematerialization Chamber may also be performed with a guest rather than the performer or staff member.

The chamber can be built to suit the venue and many fun effects can be added. The possibilities are endless!

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