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Barstool Levitation

An Amazing Self-Contained Illusion

This effect was originally created by Christian Fechner years ago and later published complete with blueprints in his own book. The idea is absolutely brilliant, however, the mechanical design of the illusion itself is a bit behind the times. Technology has come a long way since Christian first developed this effect and so has Kerry Pollock. A former design engineer and full time professional magician, Kerry has completely redesigned the barstool from the bottom up. Virtually everything is different except the effect. Major improvements have been made to the gimmick, the hookup, the controls, and the lift mechanism itself. You must see it to believe it! Check out the demo video above featuring Darcy Oake.

The performer sits on the barstool with legs crossed, if so desired. The performer rises off of the stool in a sitting position, going up or down at will. When finished, performer is free to stand up and walk away from the stool. This version of the levitation can be performed surrounded by viewers at close range. There is no setup required, the stool is always ready!

Very quiet and angle proof. Perfect for clubs and cruise ships with easy travel and instant setup. You are in complete control, not at the mercy of a tech. Very appropriate for comedy effects and situational comedy. Most importantly this looks like a barstool, not a magic prop!

Barstool Levitation Features

Barstool Levitation Price: $9500

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