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Shown With Optional Wireless Display Unit

  • Completely Self Contained
  • Can Be Battery Powered - Click for Details
  • 10 Different Playlists
  • Auto-Pause
  • 3 Different Auto-Fades
  • Create a playlist on location
  • Change volume on location
  • Built-in Output Transmitter
  • Optional Wireless Display
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Best just got Better!

The MP3Tech is the finest remote control mp3 player available! Unlike the mix and match tangle of wires and external players that the immitators offer, the MP3Tech is completely self contained and requires no external players or cords. Designed and built specifically for the professional entertainer, the MP3Tech includes a built-in output transmitter that can be used to control lights, special effects, servos, reels, etc. on your music cues. All remotes, a flash memory card and playlist software are included.

The small remote transmitter allows you to control all aspects of your show. Play, Pause, Cue forward, Cue back, Volume up, Volume down, and Auto-fade. You may also choose how the auto-fade will function with each track... Fade & Cue ... Fade, Cue and Play ... or Cue & Play.

"Hello Kerry,
I am truly enjoying…no, make that LOVING the new MP3Tech. It is everything you advertise and more. It is light years better than the ShowTech which has been my “sorcerer’s sidearm” in every show for the past ten years."

– Scott Wells

MP3Tech Price: $1395

Wireless Display Price: $395 or $295 if purchased with MP3Tech
Extra Remote: $75
Extra Ankle Remote: $95
Keypad Remote: $395 or $295 when sold with MP3Tech

Call 855-776-6978 for more information
or to place an order.